Medical Consumables and Supplies

MedicalXpress are a dedicated consumables provider for the Medical Industry providing an extensive portfolio of over 1200 lines that have been developed to meet the diverse day to day needs of busy Practices and private individuals.

The range include items such as needles, syringes, dressings, infusion products, sterilisation and infection control products, wound care, protective wear, surgical instruments and a whole host of other medical supplies. All of our branded products are reliable, effective and of the highest quality.

Here at MedicalXpress we pride ourselves on our excellent level of service and comprehensive range of medical consumables  available to buy from our online shop with free delivery on orders over £75.

Our range features many of the leading names in medical supplies and our low prices and fast delivery guarantee that you’ll find the very best quality products for your practice for less.

MedicalXpress has established a reputation as one of the UK’s leading suppliers in a short period of time, providing medical professionals with products they can trust, brands such as Terumo, Jelco, Anigene, HibiScrub, 3M, Clinell, Barber of Sheffield and Swann-Morton.

We are continually monitoring and improving our product range to ensure we offer you the best possible selection and choice at the lowest possible prices. On average we are typically saving up to 40% off standard wholesaler/supplier list prices, giving practices and private individuals the chance to save thousands of pounds a year. Our aim is always to supply high quality products at the lowest possible prices, with fast delivery. Our focus on customer service has ensured we have grown to over 1200 satisfied customers.

So… why do provide such value?

Our expert supplier sourcing and negotiating skills means we get great deals by buying and stocking products in bulk. Buying large quantities of products helps our manufacturers work more efficiently, reduces their production costs and lowers our spending on transportation and packaging.

“But what does that mean for you?!!!”

By buying your products in such a forward thinking way, MedicalXpress saves money on unnecessary costs. Rather than continuing to charge high prices, like other suppliers in the industry, MedicalXpress passes the savings from their forward thinking policies onto you. We like you to know how we achieve our lower prices so you can feel confident you’re buying a product that’s been carefully purchased by us in order to save you money, rather than an own branded product that’s cheap because of an inferior design and quality.

We pass the savings on to you.

It’s simple. And that’s not all! The more products you order every week, the further MedicalXpress drives manufacturers’ prices down meaning you continue to make great savings across the broad range of essential products that you use everyday.

How can I order from Medical Xpress?

MedicalXpress is a web only ordering service at It’s very easy to use, user-friendly and you can browse at your convenience 24/7.

If you do encounter any difficulties, our customer service team will be delighted to help on 01274 736319, Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.30pm.