Medical Xpress are passionate about helping to improve the environment and conserve as much as possible those little natural resources left.  In order to combat this we have a number of ways in which we tackle those on-going environmental issues by:

Using Laptops

Employees at Medical Xpress use laptops – proven to be more energy efficient; an average laptop can use up to 5 times less power when working at low operating speeds.


At Medical Xpress we have opted to create an e-catalogue so that the consumer can easily access product(s).

Printing Policy

At Medical Xpress all available literature is sent to our Customers via e-mail; only in extenuating circumstances will printing be carried out.


The recycling of our instruments is one of the key differences separating us from our competitors.  We will happily accept any instrument surplus to requirement and recycle them on your behalf; once the instrument has been re-made and sterilised this will then be donated to third world and developing countries.

Environmental Projects

We are keen to become involved in several meaningful projects and therefore donate percentages of our profits to helping worthy organisations including:

Rainforest: we help the Rainforest Alliance, looking to actively reduce the amount of rainforest destruction.

Planting trees:  using trees is the best way to actively absorb emissions. Medical Xpress has begun by planting trees in areas where our products are made (both here and globally).